Album Cover Remake 8/29

For a class assignment, we had been tasked to remake a cover for a Movie or an album. And I decided to remake the cover of the album Requiem From Korn.

I started off by downloading a pair of “zombie hands” from google and placed them in photoshop. I made sure the background was black so I could edit out the pieces I didn’t need.

I then added a concrete Filter over the photo to give it more of a worn or Grungy look. Afterward, I duplicated the hands a few times to make it look as though they had been moving and giving it a difference filter to make it stand out more from the background.

Then I added text that I felt fit the theme I had been going for. then I added a glow effect to Requiem to make it stand out. Afterward, I added the text I was going to use for the band’s name and flipped the R.

After I had looked it over and made sure there was nothing else to add, I inverted the entire thing. I went back and forth between the black and white, but I ultimately went with the white one because It looked better for what I had been going for.

I looked over the finished piece one more time before adding a rougher texture to the edges to give it a more industrial or grungy feeling that I felt the music had in the album.